October 14, 2008


I forgot that I found these beautiful glasses! In a paper bag on the sidewalk in front of those new condos near Kingsland and Richardson, on Saturday afternoon. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Also this weekend...

I found:

Eight books (catholic sex counseling [UPDATE: sold for $4], American morals by Jimmy Carter, "Johnny Tremain" [UPDATE: sold for $8] "Slaughterhouse 5," something by George Stephanopoulos, and some others). All now for sale on Amazon dot com.

About ten 8 1/2 x 11 white canvas boards for painting on, still in their wrappers! I gave them to Chris, who is a painter—perfect!

I found these things together, on Kingsland Avenue, near Nassau.

I also lugged a big ol' piece of brown-painted molding inside from across the street; G and I are thinking we can use it as a back board for some hooks we are planning to put up in the entryway.

The new hooks will go to the right of the others (below), on that patched spot, to hold our seventeen thousand bags. I'll take another pic when it is finished and painted and beautiful! We found the red piece of wood in a trash can down the street, and we found the blue/green board on a beach in Cape Cod.

Woo! We love f'ed up pieces of wood!

(Greg found the Yankees hat on the ground in Williamsburg in a rainstorm, and I adopted it. And see the gray felt hat next to the fedora? I found that on the subway.)