April 22, 2013


At his post.

Contemplating yard garbage + onion grass.

Supposedly the landlord will remove the garbage this week! AND build us a new fence!

(The onion grass is up to us, however.)

Sitting in the railway station

Got a ticket for my destination...ooh ooooooh ooooooooooh...

(Destination was Newark Airport, btw.)

Thrift-store bed linens

First, take them to the laundromat and warsh them.



Where they look awesome.

Impulse buy

Not bad. But also, not good.

This was better.

Boswell and Rousseau

Talk about cats.

"A hen would obey your orders if you could make her understand them. But a cat will understand you perfectly and not obey them."

Sage words. (Good luck with the hen.)

Also, worst fear: being mocked by teenagers.

Day-glo pouch

It's his raincoat.

He's looking at the cord, like, Don't you know how to use a camera?

In the yard



It's one hundred percent onions.

Quite the savory aroma out back.