June 23, 2011


At the staff sale at work:

The kindliest, most sweet-faced disembodied one-dollar goat head in existence. Right now he is perched on top of my computer monitor, gazing at me with loving kindness.

Just waiting for the moment when I need to MEASURE SOMETHING.

Yes folks—my new friend is also a tape measure.

Now do you understand why staff-sale day is the best day of the entire year??

Tuna melt in a bag

It's what's for lunch.

The saddest thing EVER

That's its FACE!

It's Sunday

Just wear . . . what have you.

Rainy Saturday errands

So much more fun to do them in a pickup truck with Greg!

Buy three pounds of coffee at the coffee store. And why not get two espressos while you're at it?

Hmmm. With Long Boys?


Caramels of course!

Drink it in the car. Best ever.