December 31, 2009


I took a different route home from the subway last night, to see what I could see.

And . . . I saw a lot of books (two different batches)!!

This person is a reviewer or works in publishing (they were all advance reader copies of contemporary trade fiction paperbacks).

This person is older. Lots of midcentury books (Henry Miller, D. H. Lawrence. E. E. Cummings), Selections from the Talmud, Richard Brautigan, lots of books about Carl Jung, AND a certain kids' book I hadn't seen in years!

It was awesome.

Later I'll show you what I picked up.

Let your eyebrows grow out

Who cares, right?

(Ha ha giant closeup of my eyeball [with makeup crust]!!!)

Snow today

Raise your hand if you love living by the highway!

[Both hands way up!]

It's so CO-O-O-O-O-O-LD!

Wore my special sox yesterday.

December 30, 2009


Night one (Christmas dinner):

With my favorite topping (plus lemon sauce).

Night two:

Applesauce for me.

Night three:

Still delicious!

No more lemon sauce, but there's still some gingerbread left.

December 29, 2009


I found this at the bottom of the laundry pile.

Part of someone's winter food cache?

(I ate it. Sorry!)


A trip to Greg's studio.


This picture about sums it up.

Thanks New York Shitty!

Not recommended

Shortcut through Rockefeller Center Plaza on Christmas Eve.

It might make you want to die.

Also: more little girls in velvet dresses than your brain can comprehend.

Quebec wilderness adventure

The pointy hat saw some action.

Mmmmmmm. Snow. (Three feet!)

That hat's too warm to wear in New York.

Quercus Rebeccus

New species of oak tree.

Weird small and skinny leaves.

Acorn cap is hairy????

Weirdo acorns are long and thin.

Discovered growing around the reservoir in Central Park on Sunday.


Montreal Value Village purchases

New favorite coffee mug!

99 cents.

It's mini.

Also: kilt pin.

Accidentally (on purpose?) stolen = free.

Awwww yeah.

December 28, 2009

Stuff on the table

This evening.


Giant granny square blanket!!!!!!!

Here it comes, Hollenb!

December 27, 2009


Crocheted ball for my nephew, stuffed with yarn! (He loves balls.)

I gave it to him, then all hell broke loose.

Then someone got upset!


It reminded me of the time I put the gerbil in the cage with the hamster.

I let my brother supervise.


Hudson River:


Oooh, snowy fields!

Top secret spy pictures of Greg:

By Greg:


Oh, hello fleuve Saint-Laurent:

Yay Montreal, Quebec, Canada!!

"Hanukkah's over"

"I think we can put that montage of Grandpa out on the curb now."

I seriously took this picture on December 18, around ten at night.