July 9, 2011


Greg's project on Randall's Island is officially done!

There was a reception, then a boat trip to the island. Greg gave a little talk by his work, then there were some pichures (with curators, funders, and parks officials).

On the special sod blanket.

Then some champagne and desserts under a tree (man, I love dessert). And another boat ride.

We saw two white herons and a hawk!

You know what's great?

What's great is when a baby comes to stay with you! Chris and Claudine came from Montreal and they brought Rose with them. On Sunday we went PS1 and after we looked at the art she played in some rain puddles.

Home, off with the wet clothes, then time to scamper around!! She checked out the belts (which we keep in a bushel basket, natch) then had a wild old time on the rug.

I love that little sweetheart!