March 24, 2009

Oh crap

I just remembered that last night I dreamed AGAIN that my teeth were crumbling and falling out. And I couldn't find the dentist's phone number.

Morning times in Brooklyn

The sun.

Jamesport morning

Ten hours of deep sleep in perfect quiet.

Then this:

Maybe we move there?


We were planning to drive back to the city the same day, but we were enjoying being relaxed so much that we decided to stay the night in Jamesport.

Our motel had a little beach:

Kitty trail in the sand:

At sunset a swan swam by!

Did they train it to do that??

We had a big dinner down the street and a bottle of wine. Then we went to bed at 9.

Best daycation ever!

Wm. J. Mills & Co. Sailmakers

In Greenport, Long Island, we stopped in at this place.

It was basically heaven.

This red bag is an "ice bag": it can hold a fifty-pound block of ice! I really wanted one—but . . . when do I carry ice?

Greg got these:

I got a "diddy" bag!

I call it Puffy.

I love old-timey canvas items!

Sunday snack

Darn that was good.