May 9, 2011

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Than these two?

For serious.

I came across Whitney's blog a while back and was totally smitten by her pictures of her life with Reed (husband) + Tayvee (child) + Zooey (cat). She and Reed visited New York last month and got in touch. For whatever reason I was super nervous to meet them (internet friends—what if they think I am a giant nerd in real life????) . . . but we had a great time. I want to go visit them in Boise!



Do you need pickles

Because I know where they're at.

Fox and Fawn

At the vintage store in my neighborhood I found an amazing summer dress this weekend!

To wit:

Nice crispy cotton. It goes to just below my knees—long and white with a colored yoke and some stripes above the hem.

Thrift store

Brand new leather Tretorns!

Trenny bucks! They are seriously PERFECT.

Can you even call it brunch?

If there's no homemade Sno-ball at the end?

(Don't worry I ate that last piece.)

At the park

A lil squirrel took a peanut from my hand! He reached up with his little paws.

Can you see how he is smiling at me?