February 28, 2010

Oh no!

Cat has broken her leg.

Who will take care of the kittens?


She has a set?!


It has been a long time since I ate lunch with just myself—no book, no newspaper, no friend, no radio. Just me.

Eat your food.

Look out the window.


Move the rug into the bedroom, where there's more light!

Also: do it when Greg is not home so you can haul all the furniture around by yourself and get extremely frustrated and sweaty.

Then take a pichure for your blog!

And: when Greg comes home make him admire the new arrangement approximately 75 times.

(Those weird-looking things are my legs in boots.)

Top knots

Let your hair grow out then stick it in a bun on top of your head!

February 25, 2010

Spare change?

For a wet and shivering young thing, alone outside in the storm with no mate and not even a closet to call home?

Nope. I took a picture then kept walking.

Living in New York has made me so callous!


Remember Sophie?

I lurvf her.

She lurvfes her new blanket!

Apparently she has taken to sleeping in, until 11!

It's a lazybones blanket.


A pen!


Works perfect.

The street giveth to ol Becky!

February 24, 2010

I want new shoes


Hmm, or black and white?

But what I want MOST in life is these.

Note: they are on sale.

Maybe I will find some money in the trash!

February 22, 2010


My two favorite animals! TOGETHER.

(No more squirrels for a while, I promise.)

Park friend

Hi buddy.

Whatcha got there?

Oh yeah, some kinda nut?

Yep, stuff it in!!


Cute lil mouf. SCARY CLAWS!

Dear Noodle Bar

I love you.

February 21, 2010

Siamese baby skorl twins

They can fit lotsa nuts in them cheeks!

Peter sent me this. Thanks P-rock!

February 19, 2010


I've been getting a bunch of hits on the blog from this site:


Does one of those pictures look familiar?

Sorry folks! You got real warts—I don't.

New nail polish!


Sometimes I forget how to use my camera (or "my Cam Jansen," as I like to call it).


My friend Andrew lives in Hong Kong, where for a few bucks you can get anything tailored for you from scratch just by showing the tailor a picture of what you want and supplying the fabric.

He wanted a nineteenth-century bathing suit—and he got some for his Canadian friends too.

And...then, they made a calendar???!


Andrew and Ivy just had a baby, and I KNOW that baby's gonna get a bathing suit too. So I made a bear for him, to match.

Yes, his legs point in rawther diff'rent directions (IT'S HARDER THAN YOU THINK TO SEW THOSE SUCKERS ON RIGHT!). I like to imagine he's doing that move gymnasts do at the end of their routines.

Like, ta-daaaaaaaaaa!


(The bear's wearing this hat, cause it's too big for Theo.)

Night at the Museum

Garden Lobby, Thursday at 10:45.

Carroll Dunham painting, left, and inflatable boy by Tim Burton, right (they leave the fan on all night).

Otherwise deserted.

February 18, 2010


This would be my lunch:

Today and every day.

Instead it is Mogu's lunch.


Something about this glove caught my eye as I came up out of the subway onto 53 Street, so I got out my camera.

Click click click—

Uh oh, who's that approaching?

"Are you done with that, miss?"

Yep, caught by the janitor, taking pichures of trash.


Butter chronicles

Greg brought this home yesterday.

So far, I think the Président butter is best, but delicious Canadian butter is the best deal.

February 17, 2010


Greg's (left) and mine (right).

Mine's all skarshed because it goes on my desk chair. (Also because I overstuffed it.)



Old rug


New rug:


I have to stand on a rug when I wash the dishes.

February 16, 2010


Somehow I am thirty-three today.

"These things made us think of you..."

Yes, our friends Sarah and Courtney sent us a couple presents.

Including this amazing fisherman sweater!!!

Handmade by someone!


Also, OH MY GOD this book:

Boy and Girl Tramps of America!

From the back cover:

(Note: "after the World War." There had only been one.)


Fountain pen.

"Illustrated with Photographs by the Author"

"Where to, boes?"

"A couple of bindle stiffs..." !!!!!!!!!


I can't wait to read this whole book. And wear my new sweater!!

Thanks guys, we totally LOVE YOUS!

And Nikita, Kitten, and the buns.