January 1, 2011

Mini yarn balls

Dude, do not throw these away!

Keep them in a basin.

You'll find a use for them eventually.

Back in the city

The weirdness begins immediately.

Beavs were here

This amazing beaver pond was really close to our chalet in Lake Luzerne. The entire thing was frozen, so you could walk up to the dam and the lodge (the beavs didn't come out tho).

There is nothing I love more than walking in the woods peering closely at everything! (I am an idefatigable peerer).


He is a good wilderness guide.

(Note reflective vest.)

Here he is indicating the frozen surface of a beaver pond.

Thank you Gregory!

Holiday baking

Apple pie!

Made by me! (Recipe from How to Cook Everything, which Greg got for Christmas.)

Eaten with whipped cream, natch.