September 7, 2011


On the Upper East Side, in a box by the curb:
Some napkins and a couple placemats.

I like 'em.

Cactus update!

"Because you've been wondering."TM

Remember this little guy, grown from a sproat stolen from an estate sale?

So big now!

This one had a pink cactus grafted onto that white bit on the top of the main stem (remember, from Christmas?), which I impetuously pulled off a couple months ago:

That whole side sproat has grown since then, complete with roots!

And these two are bits of that giant cactus I saw on the street that time:

Now both pieces are growing new leaves on top!

My mom made that little pot for me, using a cabbage leaf as a mold. So perfect. Thanks Mom!

Sharpie on the ground

Greg picked it up, tested it on his hand, then stuck it in his pocket.

A very proud day for yours truly.

Greg's camera

It takes really pretty food pictures. That's our lunch on Friday!

My camera:

Not so nice.

I stayed late at work, and I was so hungry when I got home that those two fried eggs with Sriracha made my night.