September 9, 2010


A basket!

Me: Greg, check out this basket I found!


That's right

This is some confidential sh*t!


Peaches and ice cream!

Something odd

Is taking shape across the street from my office, in the old library building.

I think it is "public art."

From left to right:

Trash can with paper airplanes and a stack of papers.

Framed awesome sports car photograph.

With chemistry set.

Next window:

Styrofoam barbells, with mirror and pillow.

White cubes.

Then these:

Aw yeah, stacked-up animal cutouts!! (Note: tiny [life size?] Halloween cat.)

Next window:

Fox-owl love picture with various balls.


Then, last but not least:

Stuffed black bear, Chinese-food takeout container.

A work in progress? (Secretly hoping this is the final installation.)