June 22, 2009

McCarron Park mushrooms

Icky on several levels.

Kitty hobo friend!

Haunting the concrete jungle.

Eating lunch from a billy can.

Missing part of an ear. Wearing dirty socks.

Sponge bath.

Then—moving on. Meow, bye!

The most beautiful breakfast ever photographed?

And with friends, to boot!

On a related note, I would like to mention that I love grits! But do you understand the enigma they presented to a girl growing up in Atlantic Canada? They came up now and again in books I was reading, and I imagined them as something sort of "gritty," dry and fried. The truth came as a pleasant surprise!

Note the godly light illuminating them, above. God loves grits too!


It seems that when I wasn't paying attention, something took a big bite out of my shoe.


Graham Ave. emergency phone—repaired!

Let's start at the bottom, shall we?


Muchos duct tape.

And . . . more duct tape.

Made it to the phone line!

Yay, municipal infrastructure!