March 4, 2009


Lookit her!

My friend Claire rescues kitties in need. They live with her and her own five cats (and her husband, Ross) in their beautiful house in Bed-Stuy until she can find homes for them.

She picked up Lulu wandering in the street. And now, here is Lulu with her new friend, Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, at her new home—Corpus Christi Monastery in Hunters Point, in the Bronx!

Of course they wanted a black-and-white kitty!

Thank you T. Rowe Price!

I received the annual report. Return on investment over last 12 months: -42.26%



Oh my god AWESOME! Thanks Beth!

She got hers painted too.

The name of the color is (*snort*) "mini shorts."

Who thinks that would be a good nickname for Beth??