February 3, 2009

Secretary chair

This "classic office chair of the 1950s" is very similar to the one I found.

I need to go to this store.

"It's a rose, made out of paper"

So this is the dining-room window again:

We have a new paper garland!

Isn't it pretty? I love the printed paper. I am going to get another one for the other side of the window: $2.99 at Pearl River Mart.

Oh, this is new too:

I have had the bootie for a long time (there is another one somewhere), but that piece of wood was inside the wine box I found the other day.

UPDATE: OMG the bootie reminds me that last night I dreamed I was pregnant - I was getting an ultrasound and I saw the baby's face smiling at me! And then Batman showed up and there were helicopters...and it got confusing.