November 28, 2011

A midden!


Ceramic artifacts:

A lady.

A freaky head-face.

This thing.

And, most importantly:

Pensive full-body-glitter-suited angel babies!

Now on display at our house.

November 16, 2011

In the subway

Don't let the hand picked flunkies appointed by McCarron get another chance to screw you!

Also, eagle carpenter:

Whoever designed this should get a citation from the union (for awesomeness).

I was here

Distinctive jam-jar-shaped coffee stain.

It is dusk

A cat is probably watching you.

November 15, 2011

Check it out


A cake was made this eve

Inspired by this picture. We were having a family blog slide show and when we saw it we were both like "DROOL."


Prize for cutest little measuring spoon:

First place.


I got something in the mail today!

A comic book by Marc Bell from the mid-1990s!

With ephemera!

And personal note.

I first read his stuff in The Coast in Halifax, then I picked up a few books at some zine fair or other (There is Nothing, Shrimpy and Paul, Big Pile Comics), then I bought his new book at the New York Art Book Fair last month, from Drawn and Quarterly. Then, while surreptitiously stalking him on Facebook, I came across his Etsy store.

And now I got a new book to read! (Well, reread . . . I took care of the first go-round on the subway on the way home from work.)

In the Catskills

We realized neither of us had packed a toothbrush!


In Greg's special emergency pouch (always in backpack):

Not only a toothbrush, but a toothbrush customized to fit in the pouch!!

It was like a miracle to me. Greg = #1!

November 13, 2011


Someone broke some doohickey offa something.

New tea towels!

Super-soft absorbent linen, which is a bit hard to find these days, and edifying religious slogans to improve my mind and morals.

Also calendars.

But the best thing about them is: they were free!

Yes, I took them from a "free box" at a yard sale. The lady gave me the dirtiest look, holy moly. Greg said it was because I didn't actually BUY anything, just raided the ol' free box. All I have to say is—if it ain't free, don't put it in that box!


Mica two ways

It's amazingly transparent.

I did a lot of digging around in the dirt today, helping Greg get his boat out of the ground at Randall's Island. Did you know that shovelling dirt is REALLY HARD WORK?? Phew.

I have gained a new respect for Greg, who shovelled all day yesterday by himself.

This tree

I like to see it between me and the highway.

It looked really pretty today.

In other news, this guy:

Now with hat.

November 10, 2011


That's a lot of brown sugar.


This morning:

A cute lil camp stool . . .

(with some amateur caning)

. . . and an interesting collection of veneer discs.

What in heck were they doing with it??

What's for dinner?

My friend Beth (or "Bert," as she is known to some, ie, me) has been engaging in a certain style of home cooking lately. She described it as "art school," and I immediately knew what she meant!

Me and Greg got on the bandwagon last night, and it was fantastic:

Tofu stir fry, with . . . NUTRITIONAL YEAST! Extra condiments: tamari and cayenne pepper.

Bert and I were also reminiscing also about the old art school cold remedy—just swallow a bunch of raw garlic cloves. Works awesome and you smell great!

PS: Also works for yeast infections, but you don't swallow them.


One little Cheeto.


November 9, 2011


I let this happen to my blog!

But I'm coming back now!

November 1, 2011

Not sure what this is

But it is definitely NOT a police car.