March 23, 2009


These are going right into our board collection!

Beach finds at home

Another sea brick and some luminous rocks:

I am very happy.

Beach finds



Small shells:

White rock:

Seaweed and surf!

Lobster-trap tag:

I might give ol' Bob a call and let him know we found it.


Behind the beach, deer leavings!

In the distance, a Wild Greg reclining on the sand!

I know you're not supposed to feed wild animals...but he looked hungry, so I took him for lunch!

Then he followed me home.

Long Island!

First stop: coffee.

Then the highway.

Can you see this guy's licence plate? If he's such a sorcerer why is he stuck in traffic with us reg'lar people?


Open spaces! Sigh:

At the end of the road: the beach!

Beach love.

Pure relaxation.