August 18, 2009

Sold out!

Waaaah, I wanted to buy this!

I guess it wouldn't have fit me, anyway...

This is also nice (Moomins!!!):

And also sold out!


More Astoria front yard decor

Check this out:

Yes, it's a homemade plaster pig standing in the dirt, with a little "straw" hat and flowers on its side.

Also: sunglasses! (Looks like it has cataracts?!)

And a little friend.

So so odd.

But at least it's not making me gag!

Astoria Park!

Omelette guards the picnic.

Thanks Omelette!

(Or do you spell it Omelet?)

New apartment

If I put sunflower seeds on the air conditioner outside the kitchen windows, will birds come and eat?


(Note: infamous flesh-colored pebble in foreground mini cactus pot.)

New landlady

The handwriting of someone who did not grow up with computers.