April 8, 2009

McCarren Park

The park came alive this weekend!

Blue skies (and garbage):




Beer drinking:

Springtime in Williamsburg!

New styles: shopping bag

No, not a canvas tote bag. Not a Tyvek or nylon tote bag either. Nor a carefully preserved paper bag from a fancy store: I'm talking about the plastic kind, from Met Foods!

Grab one from under the counter. Stick your stuff in it. There you go!

I think it's a good look. And it's free. Own it!

More Mom

My mom transported the skate egg cases in this bag:

Bulk Barn! Le plus important d├ętaillant d'aliments en vrac Canada! From the Real Atlantic Superstore mall on Portland Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

I ain't seen one of these in a long, long time.

Biggest envelope in the world!