May 7, 2009

Totally worth $115

I so want one of these.

Oh, but I love this too!

That's not me but it sorta almost maybe could be in a parallel world. A world where everyone has a lot more style than they do in this one. And wear high-waisted pants.

It might seem like a good idea

But it's probably best not to give yourself a haircut in the morning before work.

Greggy jewelry

I made it for him when I was learning how to crochet.

He wears it on special occasions.

New butter dish

For some reason we have never had a butter dish. We just left the sticks sitting around in the wrapper or stuck them in a bowl.

Well, now we have this!

Made in Mexico of recycled glass from a 1950s mold.

Pretty nice!

Nightime preparations

I like to make mornings as easy as possible.