August 13, 2009


Lookit this!

Then click here!

August 13

Two years ago today, New York City Hall, Office of the City Clerk:

That's love for you, right there.


Front hall



Greg took it all down last night so he could fill the holes. Saturday is moving day...


Free download of The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

[Involuntary grin of joy]

Random things you find when you pack up your desk

Box that held a Christmas gift for me from Greg two years ago.

Awesome stamp kit bought at a yard sale last summer.

Semi-hilarious notes from some class I took (?).

Drawing I made of Greg doing his "oh snap" move.

It's all pretty great.

Found on the street!

Blue steel giraffe!

Very sturdy, excellent condition, many hooks, nice smile. Perfect for my new office!

I grabbed it, carried it across the street to our place, and left it by the door so I could continue scouting for boxes (we're moving this weekend).

When I came back:


I actually felt bereft.