November 30, 2009

A prediction

If you eat at your desk, your keyboard will get discarsting and your b key will get honey innit.

And then you will e sorry.

On sketti mountain

It is snowing.

Our landlady (she lives downstairs) told Greg a little while ago that she knows he likes to cook because one evening she heard me come into the apartment and say "Becky's home! What's for dinner?!"

Now that's my favorite thing to yell when I come home.

Tonight the answer was "spaghetti." (And yes I did eat it at my desk.)


Sausage friends woodland accidents?

Maybe At Swim-Two-Birds knows.

November 29, 2009

Save $5

Buy cranberries the day after Thanksgiving.

Aw yeah.

Saturday textiles

Sailboats t-shirt. Awesome.

Sweater. Thought it was for Greg but decided it was for me.

Flowered cotton sheet!

And lavender linen napkins.

Two bought, two found on the street. Total: $9.48.

Not bad for not even trying.

I decided

I should have a hat like this.

I'll, uh, let you know how it works out.


Bathroom shelf!


I was planning to paint it white, but now I am liking the plywood.


This guy:

Is wearing wooden shoes!

I know!!

I really gotta get me some of those.


Someone did a nice job with this.

Julie Doucet

Have you read any of her books?

The Madame Paul Affair is sooooooooo good.

True mystery story with many awesome details of francophone life in Montreal, including art school, apartment rental, beer bars, weirdos, immigrants from small Quebec towns, bootlegging, stove-top espresso makers, bar brawls, kittens, and much much more!

I have been recently reunited with this book. I missed it.

When you're poor

Pack a lunch when you hit the town on Sat'day.

Eat it at Chelsea Market.

Why not?

Note: Will Farrell was standing next to the table when I took the pic, with wife, kid, and mother (no sign of a packed lunch).

Good to know

Individually certified.

November 27, 2009



Very hard to throw away.

They are made of wood!

Thanks Greg!


(Note: on the new countertop!)



Pumpkin pie 2


I made this!

It was really good.

November 26, 2009

Pumpkin pie

How is this a real color?

Also: nutmeg.

So great.

I mean "grate." HAR!

November 25, 2009

Greg and me

This should be our new look!

I am not even joking.

Thanks Ancient Industries!

Prized possession

Fluorescent paper discs, in a bag!

My friend in Toronto is an art teacher, and people drop off free supplies for her on her porch. She got a WHOLE BIG BOX full of these, in baggies.

They are kind of useless, but I love them.

Too much empathy

I immediately felt bad.

November 24, 2009

Heaven on earth

Highly recommended.

Please can we go here?

We're good friends, aren't we?

Giant granny UPDATE

I bought some vintage yellow yarn on eBay!

Now I can finish the blanket.

November 23, 2009

Botanizing on the asphalt

Elephant, turtle, bull (?), bicycle, tree, maple leaves.

I made a pincushion

I keep it in this tin.

Even the worst seamsters on earth need a place to stick their pins.

Dinner by Becky

A bunch of stuff in a bowl.

With friends!


New kitchen counter!

Greg is making us a second work surface.

Isn't it beautiful?

We're going to chop right on it!

What to do

Save all your yarn scraps and stick them in a tin.

Who cares if they are only two inches long!

When you have time, tie them together and wind them into a ball.

Then: crochet a cover for a cushion!


Post-office passport center


November 20, 2009


The Bible of Southern Cooks!

Thank you Kenneth and Julie Plunkett.

Nice card Ken! And thanks for including a free calendar.

Amazon "key phrases" for this book: large can mushrooms, pound processed cheese, cup buttered bread crumbs, teaspoon monosodium, pound sharp cheese, seasoned water, stick oleo, pint whipping cream, cup salad oil, cup bacon drippings, refrigerator tray, teaspoon soda.

Order it from the Junior League.