November 13, 2011


Someone broke some doohickey offa something.

New tea towels!

Super-soft absorbent linen, which is a bit hard to find these days, and edifying religious slogans to improve my mind and morals.

Also calendars.

But the best thing about them is: they were free!

Yes, I took them from a "free box" at a yard sale. The lady gave me the dirtiest look, holy moly. Greg said it was because I didn't actually BUY anything, just raided the ol' free box. All I have to say is—if it ain't free, don't put it in that box!


Mica two ways

It's amazingly transparent.

I did a lot of digging around in the dirt today, helping Greg get his boat out of the ground at Randall's Island. Did you know that shovelling dirt is REALLY HARD WORK?? Phew.

I have gained a new respect for Greg, who shovelled all day yesterday by himself.

This tree

I like to see it between me and the highway.

It looked really pretty today.

In other news, this guy:

Now with hat.