September 5, 2011

Cat surveillance


Do you try them on and they look terrible?

Me too. UNTIL—last week Greg rehung our full-length mirror, and suddenly they looked OK.

I'm going with it!

The amazing

Duck head stick.

Found by the amazing me!

Rockaway Beach!

It's quite an interesting scene.

You can get really good food (and coffee!).

There are items to find.

Waves galore:

The incredible ocean.

I patted this walrus.

And, the best thing: when you're done, if you stand in line a lady will hose off your legs for you.

Dr. Jones

He needs a house! Let's make one for him.

He likes it.

Rare sighting

Parking lot mitten in summer.


I also added a sticky note for Lucian Freud.

It's an odd sort of record keeping, but it will save time when we reprint the book.