June 29, 2009

Post–Canada trip ritual

The sorting of the quarters.


Have you heard of Value Village, the Canadian chain of thrift stores? Nothing like it exists in the New York area (that I can find). Organized, huge, and cheap! Even though we were only in Toronto for ten hours this weekend, we spent two hours at VV.

Check out my treasures!

Hand-embroidered white cotton napkins:

Linen napkins with maroon stripe:

Yaller stripe napkins:

Seersucker tablecloth!

Pierre Cardin placemats!


Some wool yarn:

(For a minute I was actually like, "Hey, cool! Yarn from emu wool!" Errrr. . .)

Vintage wrapping paper (my weakness):

And . . . one of these tube knitting dealios (which I had totally been wanting!):

Sigh. So so so happy.

It ain't for nuthin' that Canada's my home and native land.