November 25, 2010


My sister's friend got a kitten! It is French Canadian, and it is a "roux" named Kiroux.

It was born on a farm. The farmer said it was ten weeks old, but really it is only about six weeks old and it doesn't know how to clean its fur, so they have to teach it how with a lil towel. Also they can't tell if it's a boy or a girl yet!

The farmer delivered it my sister's friend's apartment in Longueuil. He was wearing overalls and carrying Kiroux in his hand and the kitten was the same size as his big farmer thumb! (At least--in my imagination.)


I want a kitten REAL BAD.


Remember my "cardboard problem"?

Well, I have new, similar issue.

Greg ordered some chemicals for printmaking and had them delivered to my office. He picked up the bottles, but left the box behind.

And I can't make up my mind to throw it away. Because, look!


You could totally make something with that. Or stuff something with it. And look at the nice colors.

So now I have a box in my office.


A large bolt.

(I learned from Greg that it is a bolt because it is straight; if it were tapered it would be a screw.)

Whole Foods

Something is not right here...

It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what it was.

Uncharacteristic snack

I really don't eat sliced meat, and nor I am a big fan of mayonnaise on toast.


I made this the other day:

Then this happened:

And, man, it was good.



Drawn with a Sharpie.


Why is it shaped like a piece of pie?

(Not that I'm complaining.)