March 30, 2010

Little bear

I really wanted to rescue him from the flea market!

The first thing I would have done is take that button off him so he could scarmper around in his underpants like a bear should.

Note to self: sometimes you should just spend the twelve dollars.


It is definitely a set.

Landlady II

You may recall that she had our kitchen floor replaced for no reason.

Well, two weeks ago, during that big rainstorm, we had a leak in the ceiling of our bedroom. Now workers are in the process of replacing THE ENTIRE ROOF.

Furthermore. We had been having a problem with our toilet, namely that something seemed to be blocking the pipe. Last week...a plumber came...and removed our toilet...and installed a brand-new one!



At Lexington and 62nd.

Let me know if it's yours.

Rainy Tuesday night

Me and this dog had the same idea.

Check out the spring collection at H&M!

I like her raincoat.

Missed connection

Redhead with blue sweatshirt and jeans. Leaning on the doors of the G train.

You were reading Henry and Beezus.

I feel we have a lot in common.