November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010


This pencil is made of plastic.

I found it in my collection. (I use them to do my Latin homework.)

I have learned that the plastic pencil was produced through an extrusion process patented by Empire Pencil Company (now Berol), which has been affiliated with Eagle Pencils since 1969 (when the former acquired the latter).

November 28, 2010

New acquaintance

I met her yesterday in a store nearby.

Fun facts: her name is Crazy, and she is pregnant.

November 27, 2010

Found tonight in a "free" pile

I will hang it in my S&M dungeon.

I made these

A very easy variation on biskwits that I made up outta my head (I watched my mom make something similar on many Sunday mornings). So delicious, especially when you have walnuts and raisins left over from the baked apples you made a couple days earlier!

(Remember when I found that bakeware on the street?)

November 25, 2010


My sister's friend got a kitten! It is French Canadian, and it is a "roux" named Kiroux.

It was born on a farm. The farmer said it was ten weeks old, but really it is only about six weeks old and it doesn't know how to clean its fur, so they have to teach it how with a lil towel. Also they can't tell if it's a boy or a girl yet!

The farmer delivered it my sister's friend's apartment in Longueuil. He was wearing overalls and carrying Kiroux in his hand and the kitten was the same size as his big farmer thumb! (At least--in my imagination.)


I want a kitten REAL BAD.


Remember my "cardboard problem"?

Well, I have new, similar issue.

Greg ordered some chemicals for printmaking and had them delivered to my office. He picked up the bottles, but left the box behind.

And I can't make up my mind to throw it away. Because, look!


You could totally make something with that. Or stuff something with it. And look at the nice colors.

So now I have a box in my office.


A large bolt.

(I learned from Greg that it is a bolt because it is straight; if it were tapered it would be a screw.)

Whole Foods

Something is not right here...

It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what it was.

Uncharacteristic snack

I really don't eat sliced meat, and nor I am a big fan of mayonnaise on toast.


I made this the other day:

Then this happened:

And, man, it was good.



Drawn with a Sharpie.


Why is it shaped like a piece of pie?

(Not that I'm complaining.)

November 24, 2010

Now I want to make this dress

It's Rachel Comey but I've only seen it on eBay; it must be from a previous season.

It's basically this but more restrained and in the shape of a dress. (It's knitted but I would crochet it.)

November 23, 2010

Recently found

On a concrete wall in front of a house in my neighborhood, these two:

Cyborg 009 (it's a about a team of super robots exiled in outer space by the evil scientest who built them!) was surprisingly absorbing--I almost missed my stop while reading it on the subway. But it messed up my brain. I got used to reading back to front, left to right.

Awesome to find Primo Levi's Surviving Auschwitz (originally published in English as If This Is a Man), as I haven't read it.

And in a box by the curb:

La ciencia!

I love seeing a kid get excited about cardboard:

Awesome finds all 'round I'd say.

November 22, 2010


Some kind of "log cabin" design?

But first:

Finish your three works-in-progress!

November 20, 2010

His 'n' hers


We finally got them.

Well, well, well

Looks to me like the makings of a delicious sandwich.

It is reassuring

To know that there are other nerds out there.


What is this guy DOING?


November 19, 2010


Master bookshelf carpenter.

Six feet by five feet—this is just the top half! Made completely from scrap wood.

It's mostly fiction, and I decided to arrange it in alphabetical order by author, with separate sections for graphic novels/comic strip collections, non-belles lettres nonfiction (ie, self-help, crochet books, kayaking books, the bible), children's and young adult books, and "weirdo" books (more on this later).

It is so great to have all the books off the floor! (We had quite a few stacks on the rug before.)

We are almost living like "normal" people.

Previously overlooked pumpkin seed!

Down the hatch.

Remember Manuel

From Fawlty Towers? He speaks English, he learned it from a book?

I learned something from a book too:

Magical seamless granny-square-joining technique!!

It's time consuming but SO WORTH IT.

At the cafe

An excellent photograph of pancakes. (They don't sell pancakes.)


It awaits the birth of Heather and Aaron's baby!

Put it to good use, guys.

November 15, 2010


Introduction to Economics Economics Economics Economics Economics Economics.

It's from 1977.

Oh noooooooo!

What happened??!

Poor little guy.

The truck driver said he came out and found him like that.

Greg says

I am like a parrot that can read.

Due to I like to read all the road signs out loud when we drive together.

But I think I'm more like a squirrel that knows how to use a straw.

What's for dinner?

Some . . . macaroni thing.