February 6, 2009


Sorry, this is the worst photograph ever (I need a scanner!), but check out this advertisement:

Ummm, if this were a real museum you would need a magnifying glass to read that label even if you were standing right in front of it.

Just saying.

Oh no!

At one time we had eight pounds (8 x 454 g) of Quebec butter in our freezer. Now we have only one.

We visited Montreal in November, and on the way to the airport to come back to New York Greg popped into a d├ępanneur and filled a bag with butter.

It really is delicious butter. Good call, Greg! (I was skeptical.)

Now we need to get some more.


Aren't these the greatest?

I bought them at Value Village in Toronto.

I can't wait to see them on baby feet. Right now one of them adorns the window and the other one chills in the living room.

Another little cub

This little cub has some problems.

Ain't got no ears, arms, or tail. And one of his legs is kinda wizened. Nice pink bow tho!