April 15, 2009

Ah ha ha!

Watch out Greg, I just won this on eBay!

Sweater time!!

Matching tins!

Bought years apart. Small tin from a Toronto (I think, or Halifax?) Value Village at least five years ago. Big tin last summer at a gas station in New Brunswick for $3! In their back room they had vintage items for sale.

If you look closely: in Brokeback Mountain after the two guys reunite and the wife watches them make out through the window, there is a scene in the front hallway of the apartment. On the shelves in the background—one of these tins!! Exactly the same.


I keep colored pencils in them.

Printed matter

Found in a "free" box.

Maybe I could peddle these on the street, like deaf people peddle sign language cards?

New shirt!

Also found in a bag by the curb.

Not too shabby.

I hope I find this next.