January 20, 2009

Ride the rails with me

Greg has perfected a certain aesthetic I call Hobo Style.

(Or, as above, Hobo-Who-Found-a-J.-Crew-Sweater-Down-By-the-Railroad-Tracks-Style).

I wanted to try out a Lady Hobo Style, so on Monday we went to Dave's and got me my very own hobo pants. Check it out:

AWESOME. They gotta be Carhartt B07 Denim Logger Dungarees, or why bother? Giant thighs, high waist, and buttons for suspenders—check! "Rigid" is an understatement—they can almost stand up by themselves.

OK, so yesterday I was looking at some clothes on the internet (yes, hobos use the internet—when they can find free wi-fi) and I came across these total Hobo Style pants!

They are Yohji Yamamoto Tweed Suspender Pants. I saw them on totokaelo.com and here.

This is the wave of the future, people. Get on the hobo train before it leaves the station—you heard it here first.

True Up

If you are into fabric you will probably like this site. I like the calendar teatowels she posts every day, tho the pictures aren't great.

Greg and I exchanged bling for Christmas.

He gave me this, and I gave him this:

He is not so into Jesus, but he likes it!

Woo, eBay!