April 7, 2009

Thanks Mom!

In addition to the camping kettle, butter, and bowl, she brought us this array of specimens from the Jersey Shore.

We think there are mini (fetal?) sharks—or skates?—inside!

Kinda gross, kinda cool.

Raise your hand if you don't like this dress

Pretty nice.

New sweater

Well, it used to be a sweater.

Thanks eBay!

Thanks Mom!

In addition to the camping kettle, my mother brought us:

Canadian butter!

And a beautiful bowl she made herself.

Thank you!

Moby Dick

I came upon this place just as I was listening to the part in Moby Dick where Queequeg has his coffin made.


I know this is sophomoric

But it still made me laugh.


Laws of chemistry

This place opened down the street from my house on the weekend. Greg and I stopped by to try their coffee on Sunday AND IT WAS PACKED! Seriously, there was a long, long lineup, people at the deli case, all the chairs were full, there were four employees working full out.

It made me think about osmosis: Hipsters must immediately pass through the semipermeable membrane of the doorway of a new place like this, to balance their distribution in the environment.

I am lucky

I work in a beautiful place.