February 1, 2009


So I found this tin on top of a trashcan a while ago and brought it home:

Yes, it was kind of filthy, but I hosed it down in the sink. I knew I needed to repot some plants, and I thought it could come in handy. For a while I used it for my small bits of yarn, then yesterday I finally bought some potting soil.

Check this out:


And on the way home yesterday with the potting soil I found a wood wine box...

...which is perfect for my yarn!

That worked out nicely.

Scripts redux

These are the new Scripts sneakers Greg purchased. See, they have a big 3:16 on the side and "Scripts" on the tongue—not so great.

He got busy in his little shoe-repair shop:

Now check em out. Like it sorta never existed!


Mary Heilmann, Mary Heilmann,

can I please have one of your chairs?

I wheeled around in one here and here.

Me want.