January 4, 2009

Mexican squirrels

Our friend Claudine recently returned from Mexico with these pictures of the squirrels of that land:


West coast squirrel

Greg and I came across this little guy at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. You can imagine how excited we were.

Between us we took like 75 pictures of it.


Greg and I purchased this hand-embroidered tea towel at Value Village in Vancouver.

We do not understand it.

Saint Vincent de Paul

I found these placemats and napkins in his thrift shop in Vancouver:

Can anyone identify the double-P (or PD) logo?

We made it home!

The squirrel greeted us by eating a piece of bread on top of his nest:

Thanks buddy. We are glad to see you too.

Beach finds

Blue glass:

Sea dime:

Some nice stones, nicely arranged:

Piece of a super day-glo buoy:

Greg conquered this barrel:

It has barnacles and stuff on it!

Must have been in the sea for a while. I wonder what it contained. It's empty now.

Clear glass:

Driftwood for our wood collection:

An oyster shell!