February 19, 2010


I've been getting a bunch of hits on the blog from this site:


Does one of those pictures look familiar?

Sorry folks! You got real warts—I don't.

New nail polish!


Sometimes I forget how to use my camera (or "my Cam Jansen," as I like to call it).


My friend Andrew lives in Hong Kong, where for a few bucks you can get anything tailored for you from scratch just by showing the tailor a picture of what you want and supplying the fabric.

He wanted a nineteenth-century bathing suit—and he got some for his Canadian friends too.

And...then, they made a calendar???!


Andrew and Ivy just had a baby, and I KNOW that baby's gonna get a bathing suit too. So I made a bear for him, to match.

Yes, his legs point in rawther diff'rent directions (IT'S HARDER THAN YOU THINK TO SEW THOSE SUCKERS ON RIGHT!). I like to imagine he's doing that move gymnasts do at the end of their routines.

Like, ta-daaaaaaaaaa!


(The bear's wearing this hat, cause it's too big for Theo.)

Night at the Museum

Garden Lobby, Thursday at 10:45.

Carroll Dunham painting, left, and inflatable boy by Tim Burton, right (they leave the fan on all night).

Otherwise deserted.