September 29, 2009

I think I AM cursed

First this, and today this:

What even IS that? The screen is almost totally blank, but it's actually covered with a window; you can see the little edge at the bottom. But it will not move, hide, or minimize.

And where are all the docs I was working on?!


Force quit.

Tomorrow: call I.T.!

If I find $298 on the street

I will buy this dress.

Everyone start dropping money!

I love these

I found these alphabetized address cards in a recycling bag full of paper ephemera on the street, next to the bag with the Skippy jar and the Tupperware containers.

These are relics of a truly different time: a time when you typed the addresses of your neighborhood friends on individual cards and kept them in a file box on the table next to your phone.

Then, at Christmas, you sent cards to all of them.

I could cry.