September 17, 2009

Found: the most awesome thing ever!

Omg check out this turquoise trolley! In front of a house on Kingsland Avenue.

Big wheels, rolls good, shelves, sturdy, INCREDIBLE!

I saw it there one morning as I biked to work, and it was still there when I came home that evening. I told Greg about it and tried to convince him that we should go get it that night, but he wasn't having it (it was eleven o'clock).

On my way to work in the morning I saw it was STILL THERE! We walked over that night and Greg agreed it was awesome. But we got freaked out—was it trash, or just hanging out in front of the house? There is a bad vibe on that block and we were kinda afraid of rubbing anyone the wrong way.

But it was still there the NEXT day (some people don't know treasure when they see it!), the day before yesterday, so that night we grabbed it and rolled it home. No one seemed to care.

It weighs, like, 150 pounds, so we were having a bit of a "tough time" getting it up the stairs in our building. Luckily the landlady's husband came out, and he let us put it in the garage.

It's going to Greg's new studio!


My new thing


It's hard! Especially for someone who trips on her feet just doing regular stuff.

Greg bought me this awesome wood-n-leather number. EVERLAST, yeah!


These were in a styrofoam cooler on the sidewalk. I am reading Number the Stars right now. Virginia Woolf is next.

(Also: check out our new rug! [not found on sidewalk {unlike our last one}])


Grainy picture of last night's oysters.

Elevator mystery

Who put that there!