December 15, 2009

Ha ha!

Mr. Cactus peed his pants!

He fell over too.

I think he's been drinking again.


They are multiplying!

Where did this towhead come from?

Time to seal the crack under the door.

A good Friday night

Stay at the office until 9:30 getting stuff done. Meet Greg in Brooklyn.

A bottle of wine, a steak, puddin', and coffee.

Home together.

Sleep for ten hours.


50 cent books

Weekend purchases.


Division of property

We used to share, but now we divide em up (apparently someone is a selfish hogg in her sleep).

Greggy gets the red duvet. I get the white blanket, the blue quilt, and the Hudsons Bay blanket.

Despite having more body fat, I seem to require more insulation.

Portrait studio


Pensive. (Also: cute belly rinkle)