July 24, 2009

I wonder

How are the skorlses and birdies doing? How many tomatoes are on my tomato plants? What has been deposited in the neighborhood trash cans lately?

Well . . . I DUNNO!

I'm on vacation!


July 18, 2009


Bentwood rocker:

Michael Thonet, Austria, c. 1840.

Brooklyn trash pile, July 2009:

Same design.

One hundred sixty-nine years.

July 17, 2009

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A lot of interesting things going on inside there, I bet.

More weird printed matter

I found this on the bookcase in the guestroom this morning:

Is this some kind of Jewish Boy Scouts thing?

Neither Greg nor I have any idea where it came from!


Found this on the sidewalk on Naussau Avenue.



Cracks me up!!


Ha ha false alarm!

Our flight was canceled due to thunderstorms. We fly tomorrow instead.

So: LUCKY YOU! You get a sneak preview of a baby blanket I just started!

What do you think: multicolored medallions on a neutral (gray?) background?


Two weeks in Canada.


July 16, 2009

See this?

OK, now imagine it's 80 degrees Farenheit (27 Celcius), 75 percent humidity, and extremely smelly. And it's eight p.m. and you just left work. And your train rolled by as you walked onto the platform.

Yep. Vacation starts tomorrow night!

A little light reading

On Evan's kitchen counter:

Out on the porch we helped him get ready for the Saturday market in Kingston:

Minty kept us company:



July 15, 2009

Check it out!

Very genius-y fax cover sheets!

I think the interoffice envelope is my favorite.


Why you do dat??

Bad squirrel! Very bad!!

Ray Bans!

I have a weird curse of looking like an idiot in every pair of sunglasses I try on. This has been a lifelong problem.

But—Greg bought these Ray Bans on eBay (for himself), and they actually look decent on me!

I'm keeping them!!

He also bought a pair of sweet brown Vuarnets that he's keeping for himself, so it works out.

Thank you Greggy!

I couldn't stop thinking about it!

I started a last border row . . . dark green.

It looks awesome!

THEN it will be done.

July 14, 2009

Blanket for my sister!

Finally almost done.

What do you think? I want to add a pink border, then dark green.

Or, maybe it is done already?

It's my second blanket ever. This is my first:

Still looking good!

It lives on our sofa.

July 13, 2009

The DVD player is broken again!

But don't worry.

You can watch The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the computer!

Edward Harwicke: best Dr. Watson ever!

Jeremy Brett is Sherlock Holmes.

I heart Arthur Conan Doyle! Also, three cheers for the BBC!

What kind are they?

In midsummer the skorl nest grows orangey red flowers on it!

(You kind of have to look around that big tree branch in the way.)

Fire escape harvest time!

First homegrown tomato . . .


I grew it!

Beach bums

Long Beach, Long Island.

I love the beach!

(But maybe not as much as these girls do?)

Step off

That's right, people.

I'm packin' my 9 mm.

July 11, 2009

Hoboken, New Jersey!

Why not?

Midtown Manhattan from Frank Sinatra Park!

Just chill out for a while:

Then when you get hungry, up the street to La Isla!

It's such a great place. Not big, though. If you don't want to wait for a table, sit at the counter.

Bonus: it's BYOB (and there's a wine store a few doors down)!

Good call on the Ben Marco, Greg.

I get a skirt steak, moro (beans and rice), and maduros (fried plantains).

Greg gets a steak, yuca, and yellow rice!

OH MY GOD it's good.

Then some key lime pie.

Spoon war!!

Cafe con leche.

And . . .


Don't let the trip on the Path train discourage you—this place is so worth the journey.

Thanks for bringing me here the first time, Kelda!

Bird's nest!

In our backyard.

See it?

There're baby birds in it!

I just discovered it the other day.

I love our yard SO MUCH.

Why didn't I think of this?

We have taps. We have bottles.


July 10, 2009


Greg took these pictures in Greenpoint on Saturday night.

Munch munch munch


Fixing his bike

Dirty hands.

Spoonbill and Sugartown

Favorite book store!

Can you guess why?


Another little book lover:

Only got three legs!

Also they have some good books there.