July 7, 2009

Loyalist Township

We visited our friend Evan, who bought a farm in eastern Ontario with his mother and aunt last fall. The place is in Loyalist Township (where land grants were given by Great Britian to those British subjects who fled the American Revolution).

This is one of the several barns. I am pretty sure it is original to the property, which means it is 225 years old!


Live trap. . . . (Evan had to capture a raccoon that was busting up his garden!)

Items for tinkering with the garden tractor/snowblower.

Random . . . stuff.

Swallows' nest!

Robins' nest!

I wonder what those hanging straps are for.

Wire fencing, old jars.

Buncha old doors and shutters.

Hanging things.

Board graveyard.

Work bench.

Stuff that Evan actually uses.

There is a loft, and this is the roof:

You can see the metal over the original planks.


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