May 28, 2010

Sudden sneeze!

With mouth full of coffee.

While sneaking a read of Greg's new New Yorker.

Sorry baby!

New favorite bookstore

In Montreal.

I bought these books!

The selection is perfectly curated to appeal to my interests.

May 27, 2010

Torrential downpour

I was rawther damp.

But I got my coffee!!

Scrub scrub scrub

Doot de doot de do...

Just cleaning my find.

Looks good!

Fifty-third Street

Excellent hand-painted truck!

May 26, 2010

Two other amazing things from Montreal!



Thank you Greg.

à donner

We went to Montreal last week.

Check out this French "free" box!

It was empty :(

Last night

I found another wooden box!

This is what is inside:

Apparently it held...

Four-inch, single-line block caps.

Maybe stencils?

May 25, 2010

Found in a bag on Sutton Street on Friday night

Two things that are rocking my world:

1) The renowned, deeply moving story of an emotionally lost child who found his way back!


2) West African symbols rubber stamps!!!

I am currently reading the first and have defaced my arms with the second.

If there are pens

Certain people cannot resist.


I took this picture by accident.

Yay Bijou!



I did not know

That you could put WHIPPED CREAM on ICE CREAM!

But you CAN!!!!!!!!!!

I love art

Gabriel Orozco. Cats and Watermelons. 1992. C-print

Give it to me!

May 23, 2010


Leaving work on Friday.

What is that way off in the distance...?

In that bright spot?



May 18, 2010


So, the other day I came upon a box of books by the curb.

Here's what I took (it's amazing)!

Table of contents:

Prayers for every occasion!

Truly wonderful.

I also took these, natch:



Get lait chaud with your espresso allongé.

It's mini!

Coffee in Montreal is goooooooood.


If the wife can't see too good without her contact lenses, don't put the Red Hot on the toopthpaste shelf!!

She will in fact attempt to squeeze it onto her toothbrush.

May 13, 2010


My sister and I visited my grandmother last weekend, and she gave us some things to take home. I got these two sheepskin barstool covers (and a sewing machine)!

Mmm, soft.

I am thinking they will be two round cushions, each half sheepskin, half crochet.

OR: One sheepskin cushion and one crocheted cushion?


Yep, I snagged a few.

I'll show you soon...

New hairstyle?

The problem is: what to do with the rest of the hair.

Found last night!

On the way home from Greg's birthday party: a sturdy old wooden box!

Isn't it nice?

A handle on each side, one with number 3!

And on one end, a drawing...

What in heck is it supposed to be???

May 10, 2010

Delaware ---> New York

Shoebox car snack!

Packed by a grandmother.

Thanks Grandma!

Dinner for four

The plates must be identical.

The street giveth

And the streeth taketh away.

Goodbye steps!

Check it out

A seed thingie from a tree.

All its little pods opened up, and the seeds dropped out.

Glasses case

Morning: Shake shake shake. Rattle rattle rattle.

OK, got my sunglasses.


What th— ?!!!!!



Do not eat them.


I did sew this button onto my dress on the subway on the way to work.

Workplace mystery

Corridor to the restrooms.


Dusty barefoot footprints??...????

(Where would you even find dust in that building?)