September 24, 2009


Last night, I met Greg at the new studio after work. On the way to the building from the subway, I found this chair!

It's an old one, made in Eldred, Pennsylvania.

Good condition. Contents: hog hair (78%), horse mane (11%), and "rubberized garnetted wool clippings" (11%).

(They must have shaved a lot of hogs?)

I left it in the studio's "hang-out corner."

Then, as we walked home I found this, in a bag hanging on a fence:

Yep, it's a 26 cm enameled steel Le Creuset frying pan.

Perfect condition except . . . it needs a replacement phenolic plastic handle.

Alright! Now I can sit in a chair and fry things!

Staple stab

It's not all fun and games being an editor.