July 1, 2009

Fun with Astronomy

Keep that in mind, children.

(Kindra's collection of ephemera is pretty top notch.)

Whooo. . .

I keep thinking I hear an owl in our backyard at dusk.

How amazing would it be to look out of your kitchen window and see this?

Bree's friend Victoria did.

Jealous. (Although Greg and I did see an awesome baby bird this morning begging its mother for sunflower seeds.)


These . . . belts?

They're a bit weird, but I dig them anyway.


Homemade maple syrup from our friend Evan's farm.

Shadow and reflection

That's me, in the elevator foyer at work.

Black squirrel of eastern Ontario

Minty and Penelope:

Very interested in said squirrel.

The Black Lancer!

Check out this amazing vintage Stetson my friend Sarah K. in Toronto gave me!

Thanks Sarah!