May 19, 2011

My favorite farmers market stand


I like seeing the kids get excited about them.

Each of these boys was allowed to pick out one plant.

No TV on weeknights

This is our new thing.

Which means we often sit at the table while we eat—I KNOW, right??—and peruse the newspaper or a book (me) or the New Yorker (Greg). Tonight I was reading this very interesting book, which I found at a secondhand store in Los Angeles.

There's a great part where John Lehmann basically says that Leonard Woolf was money-grubbing because he "grew up in an Anglo-Jewish household"!?

Way to go, John.


I have to keep making cakes until all the leftover icing is used up.

Can't let it go to waste.

Noted this morning

A lady of quality has lost her handkerchief.