January 26, 2010


I finished a big project. Landlady is leaving us alone. We have a acquired a sofa.

Celebrate with a steak!

For sharing with my Greg.

Followed by one of these, of course.

Monday morning

Going to work.


Waiting for the bus . . .


Oh, hi John.

I see you speak Spanish.

Well—there's the bus!



My favorite treat in the entire world!

It has to have this exact icing on top and actual custard in the filling, and I finally found a bakery with a good one (it's a secret).


(I saved half for Greg. Equals I deserve a best-wife-ever award.)


Skeletal remains!

Dear landlady

Thank you for accusing us of messing up our kitchen floor when it was in fact the fault of your contractor's extreme incompetence or laziness. Thanks also for not apologizing when said incompetence or laziness became evident. Thank you as well for randomly deciding to replace the entire floor surface when a few tiles would have been cool.

And most of all, thank for you for replacing our gray-flecked white linoleum tiles with excellent faux-ceramic textured beige sheet linoleum!



Rebecca and Greg

What is that thing?

That thing where you see the flowers and are like, oooh I want tulips for our apartment!

But then you think, I can't spend $6.99 on flowers!

And then you keep walking. And then you stop and go back. And then you walk away again.

And you are confused. And you have no tulips.

And this happens every day!!