April 10, 2011


By the highway.

This is the tree in front of our house.

While I was taking these pictures a sparrow flew out of the dryer vent!

Nest-building time again.


Check this baby out.

Vintage wool felt w/ pom pom! It stands up real nice.

What I really need is a spring hat, however.

Devils vs Leafs

Yes, we went to another hockey game!

It was awesome—the Devils won but Leafs scored during a power play (in which THEY were two players short) and then almost tied the score in the third period. Woot!

But the best part BY FAR was—singing "Oh Canada!"

Living in New York you don't get too many chances to salute your home and native land in song. I sang "The Star Spangled Banner" too, obvs—but it wasn't the same.

"Editor" pencil

Half blue, half red.

Awesome! (Even though I literally never use a red or a blue pencil.)


I decided I would be my own dog!

So I canceled the plans I had and just did whatever I wanted. This turned out to be not wearing pants, knitting, listening to 2666 on my iphone, sauntering, shopping, talking on the phone to my friend for forty-five minutes on the sidewalk, looking at books, more shopping, trying on hats, more hats, then eating the best snack ever on a bench while looking at hats on the internet (I still need a hat pretty bad).

Followed by a thorough rummage in a thrift shop, then some freelance editing, sandwich eating, kitchen cleaning (including the fridge!), Bourne Identity watching, and knitting, followed by dozing with the light on.

And then Greg came home and I told him all about it. Best.

Landlady notes

She has taken to signing them "Steve" (even though it is obvs HER handwriting).