January 12, 2009

Found: a giant tooth!

Greg picked this up from a rocky riverbank when we were in Quebec last summer, and he gave it me.

It obviously belonged to a plant eater. Greg thinks a moose or bovine (is bovine a noun?).

The tooth is stained with red a bit because I was playing tricks with it on Halloween:

"OH GOD!!" [hand to bloodied mouth]

"ACK!!" [spits blood into palm onto giant tooth hidden there]

"MY TOOTH!!" [displaying giant bloody tooth]

Dinner and Scrabble

I got dinner handed to me, then I got my ass handed to me.

Although Greg's victory depended on my admission of "depender" (curses!).

Mourning dove...

...on our fire escape.

I love their pretty blue eyeliner.

Thank you Kelly!