December 31, 2009


I took a different route home from the subway last night, to see what I could see.

And . . . I saw a lot of books (two different batches)!!

This person is a reviewer or works in publishing (they were all advance reader copies of contemporary trade fiction paperbacks).

This person is older. Lots of midcentury books (Henry Miller, D. H. Lawrence. E. E. Cummings), Selections from the Talmud, Richard Brautigan, lots of books about Carl Jung, AND a certain kids' book I hadn't seen in years!

It was awesome.

Later I'll show you what I picked up.

Let your eyebrows grow out

Who cares, right?

(Ha ha giant closeup of my eyeball [with makeup crust]!!!)

Snow today

Raise your hand if you love living by the highway!

[Both hands way up!]

It's so CO-O-O-O-O-O-LD!

Wore my special sox yesterday.