June 4, 2012

Watch out

Looks like some urban beavers are moving into a new territory.

Gonna build their lodge right there.

They do not care if that is your front door.


Ring toss set!

Deluxe, natch.


"Slider" Jarts.  Official size and weight.

These ring toss rings would make cool bracelets.

I was practicing

Drawing myself looking sad.

Then I added balloon bodies with flippers?

I put my back out today at work

I was just sitting there, fretting, when it suddenly seized up.

When I got home I lay down on the floor and Greg performed some amateur chiropracty on me. During which I had a good view of the too-seldom-visited lower-left corner of the bookcase:

Instead of getting up and making supper I chose a book to read:

By our friend Seth.

Featuring Greg's arm holding a stick in the "Do it Yourself Section":

And many other interesting craft projects.

Sometimes, lying on the floor reading a book is the best thing to do.

Mad Magazine

As you may recall, my friend gave me a bunch of old Mad magazines from the 1980s.

I rediscovered Dave Berg!!

"The Lighter Side of..."

It's just SO WEIRD.

Their faces, their clothing, their bodies . . . I was FASCINATED with them when I was a kid reading my brother's magazines.

Wouldn't you be?

(He also got Home Boy.)