November 20, 2008

The squirrel's house

This is the view from our kitchen.

In the ball of stuff at the top of the pole is where the squirrel lives.

This morning I saw it gathering green leaves in its paws and carrying them into the den (scampering along the telephone wires). Must be insulation for the winter.

Found fer the fridge

So, on our refrigerator we have a few items that I found on the street.

Look at this INCREDIBLE sandpaper letter R. Its a magnet! It's my initial! Found in a box in Williamsburg.

This EXCELLENT kitty picture. Found in a "free" box on my street. You can almost hear it purring, right? (Also: note that its paws look like hands...?!)

And, last, this (in the "free" box with the cat picture):

I am lucky.