July 17, 2012

It rained

He took shelter.

Yep, it's safe to come out now!

Diner food


Grilled cheese:

Veggie wrap and fries:

And . . .


With onion rings.

July 10, 2012

It was so hot out

I got the flat tire on my bike fixed, then I stopped at an awesome yard sale!

I took these pictures lying on the bed next to the AC with the blinds drawn:

First published 1879. I feel like Meredith was maybe a buddy of Virginia Woolf's father? Curious to read this novel.

And by Tolkien:

A book I never heard of.


Kind of excited about this! It's the book Jane Austen mocks in Northanger Abbey!!

And, finally:

I read Roxana not too long ago; interested to see how this is different. Isn't the cover design great?

Yep, ol' Moll had lots of problems.

I bought a bunch of CDs for Greg, but we all know that music isn't as important as books...so no pictures of those.

Later we went to the pool!

July 9, 2012

You can't quite tell from the pictures

But these marshmallows are enormous.

"Giant RoastersTM"

My kind of marshmallows.


Where will he sleep tonight? (He's already got his nightcap on.)


I would like to speak to the old guy with the cactus, please.

July 5, 2012

At the yard sale

The woman said: Oh, do you like that? You can have it.

New home:

Experimental plant laboratory.

I don't know

I just think this thing is funny. And cute.